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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Modern art in City churches

All Hallows by the Tower is the oldest church in the City of London. However, the church suffered extensive bomb damage during World War II and only the tower and the walls remained. The church was rebuilt after the war and was rededicated in 1957. The vicar at the time was the Rev'd "Tubby" Clayton, founder of the Toc H movement whose lamp of maintenance still shines in the Lady Chapel.

The effigy of Tubby Clayton is one of the last works by Cecil Thomas, the ‘soldier sculptor’, who also made the Forster Memorial in the south aisle of the church.

Beneath the great east window is the mural of the Last Supper by Brian Thomas. It depicts, through the variety of dress worn by the figures, the truth that the Last Supper is a continuing act throughout the centuries.

The modern stained glass in the Baptistry was designed by Keith New, and is dedicated to the memory of the de Selincourt family.

The Tower Hill Madonna by Jacquie Binns is a Mother and Child Sculpture for All Hallows by the Tower in white patinated bronze. Binns has also created a Phoenix Altar Frontal for All Hallows by the Tower.

Sculptor John Robinson made a career with sculptures of children at play and rest, lovers, mother and child, and sports men as if captured in motion. First Steps expresses the spiritual dynamic of maternal love, self-giving and protection for the child taking its first uncertain steps on the path of life.

The Bishop Fisher Icon Triptych is by Michael Coles. Coles has also created stained glass for the church.


Herbert Howells - Nunc Dimittis.

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