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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Metaphysical symbol of purity and spiritual transformation

ArtMoorHouse is a creative space in a Norman Foster building at the heart of the City of London which provides the setting for a successful synergy between Art and Business.

Their current show is by Maria Ines Aguirre and is entitled The Element of Freedom. The element in question is water which is described as follows:

'Water is the carrier of nature, the pulse of life. Water changes itself info as many natures as the different places throng which it runs. Water does not resist, it flows, always going to where it wants to, so, in the end, nothing can resist it.

Metaphysical symbol of purity and spiritual transformation, water is the allegory of a new founded freedom; a freedom which is gained independently through the the ability to adapt to changing of the circumstances, whilst always remaining true to ourselves.'

Aguirre's work stands out for its colour, energy and spontaneity. Her fascination with the connections between music and colour led her to become the first visual artist in residence at Steinway & Sons, London, where she transformed a Steinway Model D concert grand piano into 'Dancing Soul'.

Pierre Restany wrote the following about Aguirre's work: 'We have become too intellectual in our ways of perceiving things. The dominance of rational thought over activities based on feeling prevents us from understanding the fullest dimension of any concept... For Mia, emotion is colour and colour is the virtual expression of emotions.'


Joni Mitchell - Hejira.

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