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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Excellent sermons

This week, as I am currently between roles, I was able to be in the congregation for services at both the churches where I will soon have the privilege of being in ministry. As a result, I heard several excellent sermons; two of which can be heard online.

The Rev Dr Sam Wells is well known as a fine preacher and his sermon at St Martin-in-the-Fields, in which he examines the four verbs Mark uses in the first chapter of his Gospel to describe what Jesus is about, was no exception. This was a sermon which was well structured, finely written and which contained insight and impact. Keep it simple can be heard by clicking here and needs to be heard in full, rather being summarised.

Bishop Michael Marshall has provided much of the cover at St Stephen Walbrook during the interregnum as well as running some of his SPA (Scripture, Prayer, Action) sessions during that time. SPA is a fellowship for spiritual refreshment and renewal, committed to times of silent corporate prayer issuing from a programme of bible study and leading to action, witness and service. At the Thursday Eucharist Bishop Michael preached from Matthew 8. 1-4. His sermon, entitled In And Out Of Touch, explored the ways in which Jesus' touch was relevant, inclusive and healing.


Felix Mendelssohn - How Lovely Are the Messengers.

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