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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Parish ministry

I don't normally post about day-to-day parish ministry but am very aware in this my first week back from my sabbatical of what is involved. Additionally I've had a meeting with a potential ordinand today and have therefore been talking about my understanding of ministry.

So, just for the record and as a one-off post, today, as a fairly typical day in the life of a parish priest, has involved: leading our midweek Holy Communion service; a meeting to plan interviews for the vacancy in our Playgroup; a meeting to discuss ministry with a potential ordinand; passing the time of day with centre users; two hospital visits; and one home visit. I also have a meeting scheduled for later this evening to plan a renewal of vows service for a couple on their wedding anniversary.

In the course of these activities I've met with 20 parishioners (some members of the congregation, others not), prayed about one person's carpal tunnel condition and another's MS, collected and tested a CD for playing during a funeral on Friday, passed on a message about our Contact Centre, advised a family on how to access NHS Chaplains, and listened to people unpacking issues related to landlords and caring. Unusually I've done almost no administration today other than to send an email thanking those who provided cover during my sabbatical. Most of the above was local but I've visited two different hospitals, so have driven 12 miles in the course of the day.


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