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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Julian meditation 1

As part of reflecting on the writings of Julian of Norwich, particularly as used in the DVD featuring Alan Oldfield's paintings, I have been creating two collages of Julian's words which are intended to put them in new combinations while retaining her overall meaning:

He is the holy joining made in heaven;
joined together with us in love.
He is wearing Adam's old shirt;
narrow, threadbare and short.
He is fallen with Adam; accepting the shame,
the despising, the utter stripping,
accepting all the bodily and spiritual pains
and passions of us, his creatures.
He is shaken in sorrow, anguish and tribulation
as a cloth is shaken in the wind.
He is made nothing for us; the sadness
and thinness of our likeness.
He is the image so disfigured and so far from fair.
He is the token and likeness of our foul, dark deeds.
He is embracing death at his own will.
He is matter for mourning.

He is bearing the loss of every kind of comfort
except the deep, quiet keeping of God.
He is the falling and rising again
that holds us in one love.
He is our clothing, he wraps and holds us.
He enfolds us in love, will never let us go.
He is everything that is good and comforting us.
He is looking on us with love
to make us his partners in good deeds.
He is the high, endless knowledge of God
which we could never have had without him.
He is our beautiful, bright, blessed Lord.
He is so great, so holy, so mighty and so good.
He is the glory of heaven, flower of earth

and fruit of the virgin's womb.


John Tavener - Ikon Of Light.

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