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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Grete Refsum: Easter Installation

In an interesting article on the ArtWay website, Grete Refsum describes the installation that she created in Nøtterøy parish church (county Vestfold, Norway) during Easter 2014.

Part I, Skje din vilje, was laid out before Palm Sunday and used broken wine bottles, a substantial part of which were altar wine bottles from the Cathedral of Oslo. The installation took its point of departure from the Lord’s Prayer, with the words ’Thy will be done’. This phrase was written on the floor under the pulpit in broken glass from wine bottles.

Part II, I Am, was laid on Holy Saturday. The congregation collected transparent recycled glass during Lent that was then used for the work. Part II takes its point of departure in the oldest definition of the concept of God in the Bible, where God is revealed to Moses and says: ’I am who I am.’ This phrase stands out in a circle of broken glass as absence of material.


Adrian Snell - Gethsemene.

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