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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Arts Centre Group: Cliff Richard statement

In the light of the current allegations against Cliff Richard, the Chair of the Arts Centre Group has made the following statement:

'We would like to express our thanks to Sir Cliff Richard, founder member and Patron of Arts Centre Group. We know Cliff to be a man of integrity and honour, truth and faith who sought throughout the height of his career to be guided by and accountable to men of wisdom and strong faith.

We wish you to know Cliff that we appreciate you and are praying for the Lord to guide you and sustain you. We thank you that your efforts have been fundamental in the setting up, development and longevity of our 43 year old organisation.

Without Sir Cliff, Arts Centre Group would not be what it is today, an ever evolving Group with members who are both Christians and professional artists.

This scripture is what the Lord led me to in relation to this situation - 1 Peter 3: 14 - 17.'


David Grant - Keep It Together.

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