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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Where to find me at Greenbelt!

I will be on commission4mission's market stall at this year's Greenbelt Festival. The stall has been organised for us by Harvey Bradley, who will be showing ceramics and paintings at the stall.

Harvey's work will be supplemented by a selection of original work from Hayley Bowen, Ally Clarke, Elizabeth Duncan Meyer, Jonathan Evens, Mark Lewis, Caroline Richardson, Joy Rousell Stone, Henry Shelton and Peter Webb.

Additionally, we will have cards, jewellery, meditations, notebooks and t-shirts produced by our artists for sale, as well as information about our work on commissions, exhibitionsevents and publications.

The Secret Chord, my co-authored book with Peter Banks, will be on sale in the Greenbelt Bookshop.

Greenbelt is 40 years old in 2013. The thread that has run throughout its 40 consecutive festivals is that the arts, faith and justice make for a heady mix of creativity and challenge.

As for many people, it has been a significant space for me; somewhere that has consistently provided new perspectives, information and contacts across the arenas of the arts, faith and justice. I have been challenged and encouraged in my faith as a result and that thinking has informed many aspects of my ministry. Under Stewart Henderson's editorship, the Greenbelt magazine Strait was one of the first places where my writing was published and, again, was a real encouragement to me.  

Do come to see us on the commission4mission stall, if you will be at Greenbelt this year.


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