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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Newbury Park Station: Step-free access photo-call

The Seven Kings and Newbury Park Residents' Association (SKNPRA) organised a photo-call to encourage Transport for London to carry on the work of installing access free lifts at Newbury Park Station, started in 2009 and abandoned due to lack of funds.  Over 60 folk arrived on Saturday 13th July including Lee Scott MP and Mike Gapes MP, Councillors, Revd Jon Evens and Revd Kate Lovesey, and GLA member Roger Evans.

Local activist, Ron Jeffries said: "What a terrific turnout at Newbury Park this morning - two MPs, two C of E priests, numerous Councillors - I counted some 62 in the photograph I took from the top of the ladder. This morning gave me hope for the future - that so many folk rose from their Saturday slumbers on possibly the hottest day of the year."

Peter Robinson, who organised the photoshoot for SKNPRA said: "I would like to thank everyone who attended this morning's photo-shoot at Newbury Park Underground station, to show their support of our campaign to get the work on the installation of lifts at the station completed, five years after it was started.
We knew at the outset that persuading London Underground that these lifts were not only necessary, but a good idea, was not going to be easy and the responses we have received from them so far only serve to strengthen our determination to keep this matter on everyone's agenda. Looking around the assembled crowd this morning, with Labour and Conservative MPs and Councillors, members of various Residents Associations and others confirms the wide support for the campaign across the whole community."


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