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Monday, 15 July 2013

MU Branch meeting: Historic Jewellery Reproduction

Tonight's Mothers' Union branch meeting at St John's Seven Kings featured a fascinating talk by Audrey Shorer about Historic Jewellery Reproduction, a business begun by her late husband Peter Shorer.

Peter was an acclaimed archaeologist and conservator at the British Museum for over 40 years. With his unprecedented experience of many years working with antiquities at the British Museum and countless other museums throughout the world, he was one of the select few antiquarians allowed to handle and take moulds from these rare and priceless artefacts. His amazing reproductions have been acclaimed for many years as stimulating and exciting aids to the world’s history lessons and lectures as well as being a necessary part of historic cinema and televisual productions. His company, Historic Jewellery Reproduction, has become the leading retailer of a specialist range of historic artefacts and stunning gold, silver and precious stone-set jewellery which have the uniqueness of being exact reproductions of the original exquisite pieces. 

Audrey showed us examples ranging from the Winchester Helmet to the Khi Rho brooch I bought to wear on my cassock alb. She also spoke about the excavations with which Peter was involved, including those of the shipwreck sites for the Girona and ConcepciĆ³n.

Peter was a member of commission4mission and took part in c4m's first exhibition as part of the Pentecost Festival in the gallery space at Methodist Central Hall Westminster.


This Mortal Coil - The Jeweller.

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