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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thinking something that goes beyond this senseless existence

Emma Crichton Miller has an interesting piece on art and spirituality at aeon magazine. She suggests that "we continue to seek in art ... a correspondence with [our] oceanic feelings" and "a soothing of our hunger for transcendence" but the salvation art offers is now "without substance or destination."

The miracle found in art, she suggests on the basis of a statement by Mark Rothko, is creative resolution while there is perhaps "no more to be said about painting’s seductive offering than [Gerhard] Richter’s tentative statement to the American curator and critic, Robert Storr: ‘A painting can help us think something that goes beyond this senseless existence’.


Jon Foreman - Broken From The Start.

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Anonymous said...

For me, the intense absorption, pleasure and satisfaction in using creativity is an integral part of mankind being made in the image of God. Whatever it is that floats your boat in this way, nurture and enjoy it - it is very precious, very special.