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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Measuring National Well-being

The latest review of the domains and measures of national well-being have recently been published and can be found by following the link below:

This article is the latest in the ongoing refinement of measures from the Measuring National Well-being programme and ONS would like your feedback.

Key changes include:
  • Addition of five new measures reflecting: arts and culture, participation in sport, access to services, satisfaction with accommodation and household recycling.
  • Removal of three measures namely satisfaction with leisure time, trust in parliament and air pollutants PM10.
  • Renaming the 'Individual well-being' as 'Personal well-being’
  • Making the need for measures to be available for the UK ‘aspirational’, to prevent important components of well-being being excluded on the basis of data availability.

Feedback is particularly welcomed on:
  • Changes made to the criteria used to select the measures.
  • The change in domain name from ‘individual well-being’ to ‘personal well-being’.
  • The measures which have been added.
  • The measures which have been removed.
  • Any suggestions for further variants on the measures which could be more appropriate.

The next release of measures is scheduled for Autumn 2013. In order for feedback to be incorporated into this next release, responses are required by Weds 31st July.

Send feedback to the following email or postal address:


Measuring National Well-being, Room 2.164,
Office for National Statistics,
Government Buildings,
Cardiff Road,
South Wales, NP10 8XG.


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