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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Craft Market: Ron Jeffries and Dupenny

The Craft Market at the St Peter's Flower Festival includes a stall selling books of local history by Ron Jeffries plus designer items from local success story Emily Dupen-Hopkins.

Aldborough Hatch: The Village in the Suburbs is a lively, often amusing and sometimes revealing journey across the centuries – from the time when the forest of Essex covered much of Fairlop Plain to the present day when the traffic on the A12 on its southern boundary roars past on its way into mainland Europe and far beyond - while Just an Essex Lad takes a largely humorous approach to Ron's own life. His latest volume is entitled 'A slice of this and a bit of that'. It includes chapters about ‘Health and safety fanatics’, ’Moonlight skating in 1917’, ‘The day the Olympic Torch came to Redbridge’, ‘KIPPERS!’, ‘The day God did not come to the Park’, ‘When Sainsbury’s gave me something for nothing’, ‘The Olympic experience’, ‘I have been robbed in Nigeria’, ‘Of Fairlop Fair revived’, ‘Too expensive for Ilford’, and a series of ‘Fables for the Twenty-first Century’. Ron Jeffries is a local community activist and historian, and is a member of St Peter's Aldborough Hatch.

By contrast Brighton-based Emily Dupen-Hopkins has moved away from the area to establish Dupenny, her successful designer-ware business which produces exquisite wallpaper, beautiful homewares and fine ceramics with a cheeky twist. Despite the awards her designs have won, it is great that her products can still be found among the offerings at this Craft Market in her home area.


Florence and the Machine - Breath Of Life.  

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