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Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter coverage and services

This was our Easter coverage in the Ilford Recorder which provided a good opportunity to share something of what Easter means to Christians.

In common with many other churches, the Holy week and Easter Day activities and services at St John's Seven Kings were particularly well attended this year. 30 children enjoyed Easter crafts, stories and songs provided by our excellent team of helpers. 70 people attended our Good Friday Devotional Service, a considerable increase on the previous year.

On Easter Day our three services were attended by 194 people, again a significant increase on the previous year. Our curate, Santou Beurklian-Carter gave an excellent sermon at our 10.00am service using broken, hollow and full Easter Eggs for her visual aids while our choir led the worship with a well performed anthem and a new communion hymn by Lester Amann.

While posting about media coverage, Peter Banks and I have also been encouraged by the piece about The Secret Chord in the current edition of Notice Board which comes with The Month. Click here to see the article.  


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