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Friday, 30 November 2012

Peter Nevland: Spoken Groove

Peter Nevland never planned to be a writer. Some words popped into his head freshman year at the University of Texas and he made the wonderful mistake of writing them down. Eight years and a couple hundred “writings” later he left his engineering salary at Motorola to become a full-time writer and performer.

In his spoken groove lyrics Nevland unleashes his life with candour, hilarious wit and heart-changing passion. His wild and untamed performance style has been said to leave people glued to their seats, jaws hanging loosely, wondering how one man can remember so many words.

Nevland has collaborated with commission4mission artist Colin Burns on two tracks for Colin's debut cd Emerald&Gold. One of these tracks ‘For The King’ is included on a new music sampler from Resound Media which can be downloaded for free here:


Peter Nevland - In Love With Your Sound.

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