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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bryan MacLean: If you believe in

Los Angeles group Love were, in the words of David Fricke, 'the bi-racial folk-rock pirates who made Love and Da Capo in 1966, then the silken psychedelia of Forever Changes in 1967.'

'Although Arthur Lee was the main writer, [Bryan] MacLean contributed some fine songs, including Orange Skies, Old Man and the haunting Alone Again Or, with its flamenco-style guitar and dramatic trumpet flourishes.' ifyoubelievein is a collection of MacLean's music  written when he was in the band and written with Love in mind.

'After an aborted attempt at a solo career ... [MacLean] hit a real low point and shortly afterwards became a Christian, "I was alone in a hotel room in New York and I had lost practically everything. It occurred to me that I was in a tail-spin so I thought 'well, why don't I pray?' So I did and nothing happened for about two or three weeks. At the end of that time, I was sitting in a drug store on 3rd Avenue having a drink, and suddenly the drink turned to sand in my mouth and I left the bar. And when I reached the pavement and daylight I knew something had changed. And from that point on my life has been totally different".

[MacLean] joined a Christian Fellowship Church called the Vineyard ... During Friday night Bible stints [MacLean] took the concert part of the session and was so amazed at the reaction he gradually assembled a catalogue of his Christian songs.'

Taken from the Latin and literally meaning 'within the walls', Intra Muros is the album of "spooky" Christian music MacLean was completing at the time of his death. Due to 'the great strength of songs like the amazing Love Grows In Me and My Eyes Are Open', Intra Muros 'stands as fine testament to the ability of a great songwriter.'


Bryan MacLean - Alone Again Or.

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