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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Paul Nash: Truth and Memory

Andrew Graham Dixon gave a compelling portrait of Paul Nash in the first programme of the BBC series British Art at War. Graham Dixon argued that:

‘Nash was scarred by the war and the ghosts of those experiences haunted his work throughout his life. A lover of nature, Nash became one of Britain's most original landscape artists, embracing modern Surrealism and ancient British history, though always tainted by his experiences during two world wars. A private yet charismatic man, he brought British landscape painting into the 20th century with his mixture of the personal and visionary, the beautiful and the shocking. An artist who saw the landscape as not just a world to paint, but a way into his heart and mind.’

Nash’s work currently features in Truth and Memory at the Imperial War Museum; ‘the largest exhibition and first major retrospective of  British First World War art for almost 100 years.’ Using artworks drawn mainly from IWM’s national collection and including work by some of Britain’s most important artists of the twentieth century, this exhibition assesses ‘the immediate impact and enduring legacy of British art of the First World War.’

Truth explores ‘how artists encountering the front lines experimented with new forms of art to capture the totally unfamiliar experience of the First World War.’ Through the work of CRW Nevinson, Paul Nash and William Orpen, amongst others, the exhibition considers ‘British artists’ quest for an authentic or ‘truthful’ representation of modern war.’ 


Ivor Gurney - Severn Meadows.

Sabbatical art pilgrimage: ArtWay meditation

ArtWay have used the report of my sabbatical visit to Notre Dame du Léman in Vongy as their meditation this week. The architect Maurice Novarina was concerned to reflect aspects of the local area in the design and decoration of the this church located close to the shores of Lake Geneva. The roof is shaped like the hull of a boat, the main double wooden door is shaped to resemble half of a boat, a sanctuary mosaic depicting the Virgin holding the infant Christ in her arms while standing on a local type of sailboat, and six large stained glass windows in the nave depicting Our Lady blessing the work of men and women undertaking their everyday work which therefore show various trades in the locality.


John Prine & Nanci Griffith : Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness.

Patronal Festival

The Patronal Festival weekend at St John's Seven Kings includes Choral Evensong (with our combined Cluster choirs) on Saturday 4th October from 6.00pm. Refreshments will be served after the service.

On Sunday 5th October we have invited all former members of St John's to join us for a celebration of all that God has done in and through this church over the years. Our preachers will be Revs. John and Rosemary Enever and several current and former members, including Judy Acheson, will give testimonies about the way in which God spoke to them while at St John's. Several of our members (past and present) are celebrating significant milestones or anniversaries in their lives this year and these will also be celebrated, as will the 110th anniversary of the church. The service will be followed by a Bring and Share Lunch.


Choir of King's College Cambridge - Evensong.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sophia Hub update

Ros Southern writes:

"Firstly there is a fabulous pilot business hub on the top floor of the Exchange in Ilford in the month of October and Sophia Hubs, Seven Kings, is a partner. This has been spearheaded by Work Redbridge and Vision with other partners including Chamber of Commerce, Redbridge Insitute, Redbridge College and the Volunteer Centre. Tuesday is Sophia Hubs day! We will run our lunch time enterprise club there plus offer a range of taster sessions and promotinal opportunities for our start-ups. More information here.

Our first anniversary celebration event on Tuesday 30th September is also an important date for your diaries. We will bring together the start-ups we have been working with, the business community and speakers that have been supporting us and community/faith groups. There will be rich conversation, important networking and a time to reflect on the needs of the community. 5.45 - 8.30. Flyer here - please pass on.

Our enterprise club speaker on Tuesday next week (16th September) will be Keith Young of Ilford Recycles. This is a project that brings in most income through trading but also relies on grant funding. Keith will share his knowledge gained from 1 year of operation, his problems of getting organised with paper work and finding premises. Photo and more info here.

Thanks so much to our speaker this week - Atacan Mercer - whose advice was to keep a beginners mind. A very successful design start-up which was inspiring to hear about and helpful. Followed by networking as always and more deals were brokered! Photo and info here

Timebank update: There are 40 people registered and lots of interest. 17 hours have been officially traded but it is taking a while to sort out quick and effective registration and following up of references. It will be a vibrant economy very soon. Thank you for your patience and interest.

And finally, the first big delivery of re-used paint has gone to .... Parkside Community Association. This is part of a partnership with Forest Recycling Project in Waltham Forest to promote recycling and kick start green businesses in Redbridge. There's lots more free paint going. Please contact me or or find out more information here."


Jon Foreman - Broken From The Start.

Windows on the world (309)

Coventry, 2014


Deacon Blue - A New House.

Anselm Keifer and Barjac

There is considerable anticipation of the Anselm Keifer retrospective to be held at the Royal Academy of Arts shortly. The Guardian has an interesting article today about Barjac, the home and studio complex near Nîmes in the south of France, to which Keifer moved in 1992. Michael Prodger writes of Keifer's, 'vast pictures, thick with paint and embedded with objects from sunflowers and diamonds to lumps of lead, nod to the Nazis and Norse myth, to Kabbalah and the Egyptian gods, to philosophy and poetry, and to alchemy and the spirit of materials' and suggests that 'the Kiefer worldview is best seen at La Ribaute, his 200 acre compound near Barjac.'

The first work by Kiefer that I saw was his Palmsonntag or Palm Sunday Artist Room at Tate Modern. I was so moved by this piece that I wrote a meditation based on notes and impressions that I jotted down while in the room itself.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014