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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Art awakening humanity

Art awakening humanity is a conference organised by St Stephen Walbrook in partnership with Alexander de Cadenet and Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine that will explore the relationship between art and the spiritual dimension by taking words spoken by Eckhart Tolle in an interview with Mind Body Spirit Magazine as inspiration:

“Beauty arises when something more essential or deeper, something that underlies the world of sense perception shines through. It is what I call the ‘underlying Intelligence’ that is the organizing principle behind the world of form, a hidden harmony, as it were”.

”True art can play an important part in the awakening of humanity.”

The conference will be held in the context of an exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook of Alexander de Cadenet’s ‘Life-Burgers’, works which question the vanity of worldly existence and explores the “cultural hero system” proposed by philosopher Ernest Becker.

  • Jonathan Evens - Modern art & spirituality – a brief survey
  • David Cranswick - The role of integrity in traditional craft practices and the ancient cosmology of the pigments, metals and planets
  • Edward Lucie-Smith - An agnostic’s view of art & spirituality
  • Theresa Roberts‘Jamaican Spiritual’: spirituality in Jamaican art
  • Jonathan KearneyArt, theology & the digital: creating new understandings
  • Mark DeanConcerning the esoteric in art
  • Jonathan Koestlé-Cate - Art & Church: ecclesiastical encounters with contemporary art
  • Alexander de Cadenet - The Origin and the purpose of the Awakened Artists Group – a new group exploring the relationship between art and the spiritual dimension
To register for this stimulating conference, click here.


Gungor - Beautiful Things.

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