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Friday, 7 July 2017

'Jamaica Spiritual' and Jamaican High Commissioner

His Excellency Mr. Seth George Ramocan, Jamaica’s 13th High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, visited St Stephen Walbrook this evening to view the exhibition 'Jamaican Spiritual'. He met the exhibition's curator Theresa Roberts and one of the artists, Laura Facey. Lawyer and Poet, David Neita took the High Commissioner around the exhibition providing perspectives and interpretation.

Mr. Ramocan is an ordained Pastor, Counselling Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Public Servant. He is also non-resident Ambassador to six countries namely; Ireland, the Republic of Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, as well as, the Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. His wide range of experience spans the fields of education, religion, government, politics, business, communications, and family counseling,

Anne Errey writes that Laura Facey: 'walks the earth lightly but delivers immense potency. Her sculptures, carved from massive cedar roots, mahogany and lignum vitae, are conceptually inspired by the alchemy of transformation - transformation that affects change personally and environmentally. In the process of confronting her own shadows, she has become what Jung referred to as the ‘visionary artist’, a conduit offering access to an inner terrain.'

David Neita is regarded as the People's Lawyer and the People's Poet due to his representation of excluded individuals and marginalized groups and because of his grassroots treatment of social issues in his poetry. A qualified and experienced professional David has a special expertise in public speaking and group facilitation. Working with a wide range of groups David helps individuals and groups to discover their passion and direction through prose and poetry.


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