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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Jamaican Art – Intuitive Outsiders But With That Old Time Religion

Edward Lucie-Smith writes on Artlyst about 'Jamaican Spiritual', the next exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook. In his article Lucie-Smith writes:

"the show ... features ... the spirituality that pervades a great deal of the art produced in Jamaica, as well as its frequent resistance to being categorised as ‘ethnic’ – i.e. as in some way necessarily Africanising. The images are about seeing Jamaica as it actually is – not as some lost fragment of African culture, transferred intact to a different hemisphere.

Where the idea of Africa is stressed, it is to make a theological statement. Christopher Lawrence’s icon-like portrayal of an African Christ declares that Christ exists as a Saviour for all mankind."


Judith Gayle - Give Me Jesus.

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