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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Passion Plays for Lent

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Crosslight: A Passion Play presented by Riding Lights Theatre Company is “A fascinating psychological drama… The show asks questions about what we learn through failure, the importance of forgiveness and the power of redemption… Tremendous.” (York Press)

The disciple chosen to lead, is in pieces.

Caught in the crosslight of the flickering candles at the last supper, the torches of Gethsemane, the firelight in the courtyard, by the searching gaze of his Lord, Simon ‘the rock’ is shattered.

As he hangs from the cross, Jesus is surrounded by a jeering crowd, laughing at his claim to be the Son of God. A small group of family and friends stands by until the agony ends. But the great friend who, more than any other, has stood by Jesus throughout the story is conspicuous by his absence.

One man is missing – one who knows the truth.

Crosslight draws us into the dramatic events of Christ’s Passion and into the experience of one disciple who failed, despite everything he believed so passionately…

The Gospel of Matthew by Candlelight is touring churches in the South East of England. Experience a stunning, virtuoso delivery of the greatest story ever told... as Jesus's followers first heard it... in a darkness illuminated purely by candlelight and the Word!!

Acclaimed by critics and audiences in theatres and churches throughout the UK, award-winning actor George Dillon presents an unforgettable vision of Jesus in his highly intense, very human and occasionally humorous solo staging of the first Gospel.

Short-listed for The Stage's 'Best Actor' Award in Edinburgh, Dillon’s epic, impassioned performance of his own translation portrays Jesus not as a meek and mild lamb to the slaughter but as a contemporary raging fighter for God.

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The Devil's Passion or Easter in Hell is a divine comedy written & performed by award-winning playwright Justin Butcher. Butcher, author of the world-famous “Scaramouche Jones”, starring Pete Postlethwaite & directed by Rupert Goold, the hit anti-war satire “The Madness Of George Dubya” and the controversially acclaimed “Go To Gaza, Drink The Sea”, turns his pen to the greatest story of all. By turns comic, gripping, poetic, and heart-stirring, The Devil’s Passion offers a radically fresh perspective on the timeless narrative, an audacious hell’s-eye-view of the Passion of Christ from a master storyteller.


Adrian Snell - Gethsemene.

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