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Friday, 27 January 2017

Faith - Russell Haines

Faith is a fine art exhibition by portrait artist Russell Haines. His vision is to create an art event that explores people who have faith and those who have none by focusing on their personal beliefs and stories. Essentially aiming to bring all cultures and faiths together to dispel myth, breakdown barriers and create unity. 

"Even as a person with no faith I find it fascinating to discover and explore the beliefs of others" Russell Haines 

This interfaith art exhibition and project consists of 35 large oil portraits, filmed personal interviews and film recordings of group discussions between people of many different faiths and none. The exhibition features portraits of people from the many diverse faiths that coexist in the communities that make up the City of Gloucester. It includes Christians from different denominations (Anglican and Catholic), Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikh, Rasta, Pagan, Buddhist, Wicca, Druids, Bahá'í and Atheists. The discussion events hosted to form part of the exhibition have already created a large amount of interest with people of all faiths and none. 

The exhibition is being shown in Gloucester Cathedral from 14 January - 26 February 2017 before moving on to other venues. The University of Gloucestershire’s Senior Lecturer in Film Production, Mike Parker, is putting together a television documentary about the project. After it’s time at Gloucester Cathedral the exhibition will move on to be a key part of The Christian Arts Festival based in Cheltenham and Gloucester in April, before moving again to the Gloucestershire College for one month.


Violent Femmes - Faith.

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