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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Ministry to City folk: examples and encouragement

Sally Muggeridge, curate at St Stephen Walbrook, has been profiled in today's Financial Times:

'Her current workplace is the church of St Stephen Walbrook, in the heart of the City. Given its location, few of its congregation are local residents. Instead, its most frequent visitors are workers from nearby offices, and Revd Muggeridge believes her understanding of the pressures of life in the City helps her provide the support they need.

“My role is now one of pastoral care of stressed City workers,” she says. “So many seek chats, prayers, a quick discussion [about] a worry about family life and work. A prayer needed, a smile, a service — I can help with examples and encouragement.”'

As part of her ministry in the City, Sally is currently organising our 'Women in the City of London - More than just a place of work' event on Tuesday 12th July from 6.30pm. This is an evening which will highlight the civic, cultural, charitable and social opportunities in the City of London, including networks as a route to fuller participation.


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