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Friday, 6 May 2016

London's Splendid Square Mile

Let Cam & Bert, London's friendliest, cheese-loving mice, introduce you to the ancient City of London in London's Splendid Square Mile.

This special square mile, right in the middle of the London we know today, is packed with stories, surprises and delights and you are guaranteed a fantastic day out.

Highlights include the chance to -

-sit in an ejector seat from a jet plane
-try to lift a bar of pure gold,
-visit the amphitheatre where Roman gladiators fought

As with all Step Outside Guides, the route begins and ends at tube stations, and nothing on the day costs a penny!

Step Outside Guides are designed and written to offer cost-free, child-friendly days in London. Each book is packed with clear directions, information and lots more besides to make your day out a real delight.


Spock's Beard - I Will Go.

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