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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Poetry Evening: The London Magazine

An evening of poetry organised by The London Magazine and featuring Steven O’Brien, Joe Machine and Edward Lucie-Smith - Wednesday 25 May, 7.00pm, at St Stephen Walbrook.

Steven O'Brien is Editor of The London Magazine and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. He is a writer, primarily in poetry and poetics, who has given many readings featuring his collection of poems Dark Hill Dreams and Scrying Stone. He views public readings as crucial in the process of writing as living work. He says "it is an imperative of Creative Writing that it emerges (from its roots in English Literature) with a distinct conceptual style and flavour, in which literary writing can encompass both the creatively critical and the critically creative."

Joe Machine is an artist, poet and writer. He is a founding member of the Stuckist's art group. His work has been called "raw and autobiographical". His paintings on 'The Life & Legend of St Stephen' will be at St Stephen Walbrook from 16 - 27 May 2016. Joe Machine and Steven O'Brien have collaborated on a soon to be published book, Britannia Stories, exploring twenty myths commonly associated with the British Isles. They worked closely in examining the origins of all the stories, and on determining the relevance of each to the 21st century, with Machine’s paintings influencing O’Brien’s writings, and vice versa.

Edward Lucie-Smith was born in 1933 at Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to Britain in 1946, and was educated at King's School, Canterbury and Merton College, Oxford, where he read History. Subsequently he was an Education Officer in the R.A.F., then worked in advertising for ten years before becoming a freelance author. He is now an internationally known art critic and historian, who is also a published poet (winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize), an anthologist and a practicing photographer.


Steve Mason - Words In My Head.

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