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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Latest ArtWay visual meditation

In my latest visual meditation for ArtWay I reflect on work by Giacomo Manzù who "experienced both the support and censure of the Roman Catholic Church in relation to his work":

"The key debate over twentieth century ecclesiastical commissions concerned the extent to which the ‘secular masters’ of the day should be commissioned by the Church. Manzù, as a cradle Catholic whose father was sacristan of Sant'Alessandro in Colonna, Italy, gained such commissions from an early stage in his career but, as his anti-Fascist and Communist political convictions developed, found his work censured by the Roman Catholic Church.

For the traditional wing of the Catholic Church he became an emblem of all that was opposed to the Church, whilst still using Christian iconography in his work. Later he found support for his work in Pope John XXIII. The by-now atheist sculptor became the personal friend of and sculptor for Pope John, creating the masterful Door of Death for St Peter’s Basilica."


Randy Stonehill - King Of Hearts.

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