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Friday, 5 February 2016

Alan Everett: Foundations of the City

Alan Everett’s exhibition 'Foundations of the City' at St Stephen Walbrook (8th February - 4th March, weekdays 10.00am - 4.00pm) engages with current events by addressing experiences of persecution and martyrdom in our own time whilst also relating these current experiences to the foundational event for Christians of Christ’s crucifixion.

In inviting Alan to exhibit here I was engaged by the organic nature of his work as he combines the deliberation of his rhythmic mark marking with the more random effects of drips and splashes; all cohering through his overall perception of the evolving work. This way of working is ideally suited to the exploration of construction and destruction, layering and fragmentation, life and death which is to be found in these works and this exhibition.

As a result, these paintings are a welcome contemplative addition to the reflective and prayerful nature of this sacred space and will guide us in our meditation during Lent.

An exhibition reception will be held on Monday 8th February, 6.00pm, at which the speaker will be The Revd Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields. Alan will share some of his inspiration and the motivations behind these works when he speaks about them on Wednesday 4th March at 1.00pm. We will also explore their themes in worship through a 'Discover & explore' service on Monday 15th February at 1.10pm.

The stunning blend of old and new art and architecture to be found at St Stephen Walbrook draws significant numbers of tourists and other visitors year in and year out. William Newman’s dark wood panelling provides a dramatic backdrop to the regular programme of contemporary art exhibitions that the church hosts. The exhibitions that we host add to the experience enjoyed by those who visit and aid the prayer and reflection for those who frequent the space regularly.

For these exhibitions, we partner with established art societies (such as the National Society of Painters, Sculptors & Printmakers or the Society of Catholic Artists) or artists with an interest in St Stephen Walbrook and our spirituality. In 2016 our programme begins with this show and will also feature solo shows by the stuckist artist Joe Machine, Brazilian artist Kim Poor, and group shows by the National Society and commission4mission.


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