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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Stations of the Cross 2016 events at St Stephen Walbrook

St Stephen Walbrook will be a venue for the Stations of the Cross 2016 exhibition across London in 14 iconic destinations. This exhibition provides an opportunity to experience the Passion in a pilgrimage for art lovers during Lent 2016 (Feb 10 - March 28).

St Stephen Walbrook will host Station Thirteen, Michael Takeo Magruder’s Lamentation for the Forsaken, 2016. In this work, Takeo offers a lamentation not only for the forsaken Christ, but others
who have felt his acute pain of abandonment. In particular, Takeo evokes the memory of Syrians who have passed away in the present conflict, weaving their names and images into a contemporary Shroud of Turin. The Shroud, of course, is itself an image—an ‘icon’ in Pope Francis’ words—better
known by its photographic negative than its actual fabric. Takeo’s digital re-presentation participates in and perpetuates this history of reproduction. But the real miracle isn’t the Shroud itself, it’s our capacity to look into the eyes of the forsaken—and see our Saviour.

Two events at St Stephen Walbrook in this period will foster reflection on the themes of Takeo’s

David Bowie - Lazarus.

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