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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Homelessness Sunday and Bread for the World

This Sunday is Homelessness Sunday where we reflect upon the increasing rise in the number of people who are homeless. In the 10.00 am Eucharist at St Martin-in-the-Fields we will remember all those who have no home and feel they do not belong. We will also remember today migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and those who are poorly housed and live in fear of homelessness, especially all those who come to this country seeking a home and have ended up destitute on our streets. During the service we will reflect on what the Gospel teaches us about poverty and the longing for home and also what is the transformation we are all called to make.

The collection at the 10.00am and 5.00pm services will be going to The Connection at St Martin’s. In support of Homelessness Sunday you can also buy the Connection Cookie available every day in the CafĂ© in the Crypt. £1 from the sale of each cookie goes towards the Connection.

Wednesday evenings at St Martin’s are where we build our community, through a simple Eucharist called 'Bread for the World' with reflections, discussions, input from members of the community and from groups across St Martin’s.

The music for the evening is led by the Choral Scholars and we gather around the altar together as the first disciples did to share in the Eucharist together. The time in church is followed by a simple soup supper in the Austen Williams Room, No 6 St Martin’s Place, followed by the opportunity to reflect on and explore the bible together. It’s a great way to find focus during a busy week, to be close to God, make friends, pray and explore faith.

This Wednesday I will be sharing some thoughts on ways in which the Arts can teach us how to pay attention. We will pray, 'Purify our sight, Creator God, that we may see your glory in every place.'


Gungor - Every Breath.

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