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Saturday, 27 June 2015

ArtWay meditation: María Inés Aguirre

In my latest visual meditation for ArtWay I reflect on works by María Inés Aguirre (MIA) whose work is known for its vibrant colours and spontaneity and is her response to nature, music and her emotional and spiritual life:

"MIA speaks of emotions being inherent in colour and line. By following these lines and colours she is led to the image. Risk and adventure and the resulting spontaneity are key to her art. Her work fuses colour, music, emotion and nature in ‘a sun-burst of colour, of joy and imagination.’ Each painting, MIA says, ‘is a solar flare of colours.’"

My other ArtWay meditations include work by Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, Christopher ClackMarlene Dumas, Antoni Gaudi, Maciej HoffmanMaurice Novarina, John Piper, and Henry Shelton.


T. Bone Burnett - Power Of Love.

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