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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Update: Sophia Hub Seven Kings

Ros Southern writes:

News to pass on this week (please always pass on news for me to pass on!)

The speaker at the enterprise club on Tuesday (24th March) is Aciel Haddad on PR and also social media. Also Tahir will introduce a new feature to the club. Info here. We have been waiting to book Aciel for ages!!

The next skills swap is 21st April and we are looking for ideas click here

Stephanie, Timebank manager, has written a blog about the last skills swap - take a look. :)

The ECHO business timebank is offering a great range of workshops for free, click here for info.

Don't forget the Chambers comedy and networking night. Got 4 so far from Sophia Hubs - want more! click here for info.

A list of start-ups currently tweeting - please do follow them click here. If I have missed you off let me know!

Best wishes,


Ros Southern, Coordinator, Sophia Hubs Seven Kings
M: 07707 460309 T: 0208 590 2568
T: @sophiahubs7k FB: Sophia Hubs Seven Kings blog:
c/o St Johns Church, St Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB


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