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Friday, 27 March 2015

CANA Cambodia 2015 conference

Steve Scott writes:

"CANA stands for Christian Artists Networking Association, and we are committed to learning better ways of networking and empowering artists in different parts of the world. To that end we have organized conferences in Thailand, Bali and Bulgaria, with participants from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and America.

This is an update on our proposed Cambodia 2015 conference. We are looking at the week of the 22-29 of August.

Some have indicated that an `entire week’ might not be possible for them and have suggested having the conference (or the main part at least) over a FOUR DAY period ending on 29th. (if this your situation, please let me know….)

We will be based in Phnom Penh. Once we conclude with Phnom Penh we have the option of additional days in Siem Reap. (there is much to learn there!! Can you join us for additional days? Please let me know!!))

This CANA arts conference in 2015 will offer a valuable experience for both CANA international artists and creatives, as well as local/Cambodian artists learning and growing in faith. As we talk to each other, and share work and ideas, we will have opportunity to reflect upon Cambodia’s cultural heritage…. its recent history, and its hope and aspirations for a flourishing future. We will consider these things together in the light of our shared Christian faith.

There will be teaching and performances from Cambodian Christian Arts Ministry
CANA Philippines….and others.

Many of you have expressed interest in being there, and sharing your work as part of the program. Many others are in our larger database and would perhaps consider In order to finalize plans and make accommodation arrangements we need firm numbers and commitments to work with as we continue to talk with local groups and organizations. We want to keep `in land costs’ DOWN but in order to do that we need to hear from YOU.

We need your help in finalizing the plans!!

We are assessing accommodation needs (headcount) local transport needs, and also need to hear how long you can join us for (up to and including Siem Reap: Please indicate)

Please let us know by MARCH 30th if you are truly able to join us. The response to this 30th March deadline is growing. It is going to be an interesting conference based on the variety of participants sharing so far ......

If you have questions, please get in touch"


Steve Scott - When World's Collide.

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