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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Stations of The Cross and Holocaust

Work by Christopher Clack features again in the second Stations of The Cross exhibition to be held at St Marylebone Parish ChurchArt Below presents an exhibition of 16 artists’ representations of the Passion of Christ in London’s St. Marylebone Parish church to coincide with Lent, in support of the Missing Tom Fund

Stations of the Holocaust is an exhibition of hand carved and painted sculptures on the theme of Jesus’ last hours juxtaposed with scenes of the Jewish Holocaust by another commission4mission member, Jean Lamb, which can be seen at Coventry Cathedral from Monday 16th February to Good Friday 3rd April 2015. There will be a preview of the exhibition from 5.00pm with the official opening at 6.00pm after Evening Prayer on Monday 16th February.


Tribe of Judah - Sublime.

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