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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Maciej Hoffman at SPACE

Maciej Hoffman is exhibiting at SPACE in February 2013. The exhibition opens on Saturday 2nd February.

SPACE art gallery is a not-for-profit collaboration between Fionn Wilson (artist) and Gosia Stasiewicz (photographer). Located a few minutes’ walk from Southgate tube (Piccadilly line), SPACE is particularly interested in exhibiting local emerging artists and welcomes exciting modern art from across London and beyond:

"SPACE aims to forge links with the local community and to encourage creativity. We see art, in all its guises, as a way to transcend the mundane. We have a particular interest in street art and outsider art. The gallery itself is a raw, exciting and extensive space, which is in a state of constant flux."


Karen Peris - Procession.

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