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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Secret Chord: New review

The Secret Chord now has a second review on its Amazon Kindle page. In this review Rod Williamson says:

"The book gives a very thoughtful look at the artist's role, inspiration, challenge and so on. There are many examples and anecdotes from popular and classical fields, and beyond the realms of music. As one who wouldn't know the difference between a D minor and a Morris Minor it kept my attention throughout, but I'm sure it would appeal to the Monsieur Highbrow fraternity."

Peter Banks and I wanted to write a book that would be an accessible interesting read but also with sufficient depth to engage those with an interest in academic and theological study. Rod's review plus the discussions about the book on After The Fire's Forum would seem to suggest that we may have succeeded in squaring that circle!


After The Fire - Sometimes

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